Blind veteran Brian, has launched a photography exhibition called “52 weeks” at the Dewsbury Minster in Kirklees. The exhibition captures 52 images which he has taken across the UK over the last year with each one telling a different story.

Brian was a photographer by profession but when he was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration at the age of 76, he was convinced that he would have to give up his passion for photography. 

“I woke up one day and I couldn’t see myself in the mirror, I kept rubbing my eyes but I just couldn’t see. I didn’t know what was happening."

“I thought my world had come to an end. My livelihood and my whole life had been about the visual arts – I thought I’d have to give all that up.”

A friend told Brian about Blind Veterans UK and he started receiving support from the charity in 2016. After he joined us, he took part in a photography course at the training and rehabilitation centre in Llandudno where he was taught how to hold the camera at a certain angle and use the vision that he has to capture what was going on around him.

Brian joined the 26th Squadron of the RAF in 1948 and served in Suez where he patrolled as a Gunner. He left the service after two years, moving on to study Photography at Leeds College of Arts where he graduated with a Distinction.

Since he started receiving support from Blind Veterans UK, Brian has become a member of the Royal Photographic Society within the Heritage Photography branch. Brian says: “I travel all across the UK photographing the beautiful cathedrals and abbeys. There are so many incredible sites and so many wonderful colours out there and I think that we should all go out and see what’s going on in the world around us. All that I do is part of our country’s heritage and that’s what inspired me to do this exhibition.”

The exhibition was unveiled to the public at Dewsbury Minister in Kirklees and marks the journey of Brian’s life over the last year.

“It gave me a whole new lease of life. At Blind Veterans UK nothing is ever ruled out, it’s just finding a different way of doing things. It’s all about your attitude. They help you to turn disaster into victory.”

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