Celebrating our incredible volunteers!

1 June 2018 11:00

This week we’re marking Volunteers’ Week – an annual event that celebrates the brilliant work that volunteers do for communities across the country.

Irene, Alf and Sally

At Blind Veterans UK, we are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of more than 700 wonderful volunteers who we couldn’t do our work without. Whether it’s driving our veterans to their appointments, helping them write their memoir or building their confidence through sports and fitness, volunteers are vital in supporting our work.

One of our much-valued volunteers is Sally. Sally wanted to help combat the loneliness and isolation that can affect so many of the blind veterans we support, and started volunteering for us after seeing a role advertised in her local area. Sally says: 

"I get so much satisfaction from my volunteering and I’d encourage anyone out there with a few hours to spare each month to look at opportunities to volunteer for Blind Veterans UK in their local community. It’s an immensely rewarding experience and a chance to give something back to those who have served our country"

Following a morning of training, Sally was all set to go and started attending a lunch club for blind veterans in her local area where she would make sure the room was set up for guests, chat with our veterans, and ensure everyone was enjoying themselves.

After initially just applying to help out at the lunch club, Sally was soon contacted to ask whether she would be interested in visiting a veteran who lived nearby. Sally was introduced to blind veteran, Alf, and his wife Irene, and so began a new adventure.

Sally says:

"I met with Alf and his wife Irene a few weeks ago - they are a lovely couple. Alf is in a care home and Irene visits him daily, so by me going in when I can it's company for him and also nice for Irene to know that she can have a break too"

The role of volunteers at Blind Veterans UK can vary a lot, but a huge part of it is building a special relationship with the blind veterans we support, something Sally has really enjoyed.

Sally, who visits Alf every week, says:

"Alf loves to talk about his family and a dog he had when he lived at home. When the weather is nicer we are hoping to have a walk round the gardens at the care home"

We’d like to say a huge thank you to volunteers like Sally for the amazing work they do to help our veterans achieve a life beyond sight loss. And we’re always looking for more helping hands!

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