Charity Rally by Graeme Simmonds Chairperson of Norwich Detectors

15 October 2013 14:20

Charity Rally by Graeme Simmonds Chairperson of Norwich Detectors

Graeme Simmonds, the Chairperson of Norwich Detectors, has kindly written a roundup of their recent charity rally in aid of Blind Veterans UK. This is the second time that the Norwich Detectors have held a rally in aid of blind veterans, along with Dereham Metal Detecting Club and The East Norfolk Metal Detecting Club.

Graeme said: "On Sunday 22nd of September, the club held it's second charity rally in aid of  Blind Veterans UK. The previous rally was very successful, and we again returned to the same farm estate, courtesy of the landowner. We invited friends from our close neighbour clubs, they being the Dereham Metal Detecting Club and The East Norfolk Metal Detecting Club, who, together with our members made up a 30 strong attendance on the day.

"It must be said that conditions for the rally could not have been better. The weather was fine and warm and the field, which was about 100 acres, had been disked and drilled, so we were presented with a lovely flat surface which was easy to walk and to dig.

"We were hopeful of good finds as the field bordered the site where we had held the previous rally, and the quality and number offinds from there had been very good. We were not to be disappointed. A  recording point with a plan of the field was set up in order that attendees could record finds and their location on the site. This proved to be very effective. Finds began to appear almost immediately, and there was a definite buzz in the air with attendees exchanging news of finds as they encountered one another on the field.

"There was a large total of finds recorded by the end of the day, and amongst these were some exceptional items. These included 15 hammered coins, 2 Roman brooches, parts from 2 Anglo Saxon brooches, part of  a 10th/11thCentury stirrup mount, 3 Medieval seals - including a magnificent papal bulla, and a lead weight of Charles I which carried his cypher and a crown.

"It really was a very successful day out for all concerned, and although tiring, it was good to see everyone leaving the site in a contented and positive mood. It was one of those occasions when it really was "win,win". A good day's detecting, a near perfect  site, and plenty of finds to boot. To cap this, we were able to raise approximately £600 for the chosen charity.

"I must say thank you to all who supported us on the day, also to the landowner who generously provided the site. Also, a special thank you to Jim and Sarah Beckerleg, both committee members, who made all the arrangements and organised the recording of finds."

If you would like to support Blind Veterans UK through fundraising please visit the how you can help section of our website.