Daughter fundraises for Blind Veterans UK after Aldershot stepfather reads again for first time in four years

2 October 2014 09:50

The daughter of a veteran is holding a fundraising event in Farnham for Blind Veterans UK, after respite care from the charity enabled her vision impaired Stepdad from Aldershot to read again for the first time since a live-saving operation on a brain tumour.

Ellie King is organising a car-boot sale on Sunday 19 October at the Country Market off the A325, six miles from Farnham, to raise money for Blind Veterans UK.

69 year old Isaac Fyfe of Aldershot trained as a barber before spending 14 years in the Parachute Regiment and served in Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Yemen and Northern Ireland. After leaving the Services he returned to work as a barber, and was also a HGV trainer.

45 year old stepdaughter Ellie King said: "My Stepdad always kept himself really busy. But he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and told he had only two weeks to live unless emergency surgery was successful. He had the life-saving operation but was left with severely affected sight, hearing, balance and speech. My Mum became his full-time carer overnight. They were both really struggling and it had reached crisis point. 

"But then they both had a week's stay at the Blind Veterans UK centre in Brighton, and the impact was amazing. My Stepdad played archery, got involved in art and craft activities, and the real highlight was reading a newspaper for the first time in four years with the use of a special machine. He really loves to read, so that was a real breakthrough.

"Blind Veterans UK has given Dad his independence back.  Being a military man he is proud and he found it really difficult having everything done for him.  This has inspired me to fundraise for Blind Veterans UK and help more people like him."

If you would like to help Ellie achieve her fundraising target you can donate to her webpage at or attend the car-boot sale on Sunday 19 October.