Defence Minister to announce new funding from LIBOR fines at Blind Veterans UK in Brighton

10 January 2014 12:45

The Defence Minister will visit Blind Veterans UKs centre in Brighton to announce new funding from the LIBOR fines.

Defence Minister Anna Soubry will be visiting Blind Veterans UK's centre in Brighton tomorrow, Tuesday 4 February, to announce brand new funding for life changing accommodation initiatives for thousands of Armed Forces veterans across the country.

The new funding from the LIBOR fines is worth millions of pounds which will be ploughed into homeless hostels and half-way houses for veterans who have fallen on hard times, supported housing for the wounded, injured and sick.

Anna Soubry will announce the funding officially during her visit to our Brighton centre. Blind Veterans UK have previously received £1 million to refurbish their accommodation facilities for veterans.

The Defence Minister will tour the centre and facilities and meet some of our blind veterans who will be taking part in arts and crafts activities at our newly refurbished workshop.

Blind Veterans UK's Chief Executive, Robert Leader, said: "Blind Veterans UK was delighted to have been awarded £1 million from the Libor fines money in September 2013. The donation is going towards a major refurbishment of Blind Veterans UK's Brighton Care, Rehabilitation and Training Centre. These alterations will enable all those using the Centre to be helped in a safe environment for both themselves and the staff."