Food Glorious Food, we’re anxious to try it

6 December 2018 12:00

Food Glorious Food, we’re anxious to try it It was Culinary Week at our Brighton centre last month for some of our budding blind veteran chefs.

Culinary group photo

 Our very keen veterans were looking forward to trying new foods, improving their cooking skills and learning new techniques.

"Three banquets a day, our favourite diet"

It was an action-packed week with them visiting Pizza Express at Brighton Marina to learn the knack of kneading then ‘spinning’ pizza bases to achieve the perfect thinness, not the easiest task for those with sight loss. Staff member, and IT Instructor, Matthew displayed an unexpected talent and achieved the highest spin.

Culinary pizza spinning
Spinning the pizzas

Pizza Express staff cooked the pizzas for sampling and some pizzas even made it back to our Brighton centre for afternoon tea.

Culinary completed pizzas
Anyone for pizza?

Our blind veterans were shown how to use Alexa to source recipes and how they could use Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot in their own kitchens.

Local organisation Cheesology brought in six English cheeses for the veterans to try and this was followed by all manner of baked delicacies provided by Anna from Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.  Fortunately the veterans were able to walk off all those extra calories in our new 80th Anniversary Garden. The garden won the Gold Medal winning at the RHS’s 2017 Hampton Court Flower Show and recently relocated to our Brighton centre.

Culinary cheese
English cheeses

Staff member Richard, from our Sports & Wellbeing team, showed the veterans how to make delicious (and the jury is still out on whether or not they were impressed with them) smoothies and herbal teas.  As they found out, Matcha tea is not your usual builder’s brew!

Culinary smoothies
Not the usual brew

Finally, they were shown practical kitchen skills such as chopping, peeling and weighing and they tried their hands at napkin folding and making table decorations and the photo below shows just how beautiful their flower arrangements turned out.

Culinary decorations 2
A beautiful table decoration......
Culinary table decorations
....and another

At the end of the week, the veterans’ comments said it all:

"Thank you and your team for all the hard work you put in to making an amazing first cuisine week”; “I’m glad I came”; “Enjoyed every minute”; “Made new friends"

All agreed they would love to come to another food and drink week.

Encouraging those with sight loss to learn new skills, and encouraging new friendships, is what Blind Veterans UK is all about.