“Friday night and the lights are low”

27 December 2017 10:00

Some of our blind veterans were treated to an extra special performance of Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre, Aldwych, London recently.

At Mamma Mia performance, posed photo with performer, veteran and support worker Isobel

“Mama Mia, how could they resist you?”

Our veterans met the cast on stage, dressed in their finest outfits, who explained the layout, how the scenery was moved and where the doors and windows were, to enable our veterans to visualise it all in their minds during the show.

Two blind veterans pose with Mamma Mia main star Sarah

“You are the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen”

Blind RAF veteran, Michael, aged 85, who lost his sight due to age related macular degeneration, was one of the lucky ones.  Michael, seen standing to the left in the photo above, met the star, Sarah, photo’d in the centre.

Michael says:

"It was an absolute privilege to go to the show and to be taken on stage beforehand.  The cast were wonderful and talked to us about their roles and answered all our questions."

“Thank you for the music”.

Michael said he was sitting next to “a couple of young Dutch girls who travelled over especially to see the show and they sang the whole way through the performance which I thought was wonderful”.

He continued, “I am so grateful to Blind Veterans UK for organising this trip.  We were given such special treatment and it was a very special occasion”.

The audio was described by Vocaleyes, and it was much appreciated, as was the kindness shown by the cast and theatre company – thank you from those lucky enough to attend the show and from all of us at Blind Veterans UK.

Blind veterans on stage at Mammia Mia with performer and London support team leader Matthew