From vacuum cleaners to basketballs…Blind veterans explore the work of Jeff Koons

8 August 2013 17:10

A group of blind veterans visited the Jeff Koons exhibition at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, the first of it's kind in the UK outside of the Tate.

Taking part in art and craft is just one activity that members of Blind Veterans UK regularly enjoy. Some blind veterans have gone onto paint regularly at home or sometimes they simply start a new work each time they visit one of the Blind Veterans UK centres in Llandudno, Sheffield or Brighton. As part of this art and craft training, a group of blind veterans attended an exhibition of the work of renowned artist Jeff Koons at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Jeff Koons is one of the most important living arts and his work is always provocative and playful. This new exhibition in Brighton is the first showing in England, outside of the Tate Gallery, of Koons group of works in Artists Rooms.

Along with art and craft manager Esther Freeman, members of Blind Veterans UK enjoyed an audio tour of the exhibition by Loony, who described what the work looked like and what it was made of. This tour was supported by the curator of the exhibition who described the reasoning behind the works.

The exhibition includes work ranging from Jeff's earlier pieces incorporating everyday items such as vacuum cleaners and basketballs to his later works of colourful cast inflatable's! The exhibition was a real sensory experience for the group, who enjoyed the sessions and were clearly inspired by what they learnt.

We hope that through visiting the exhibition, the group will take their ideas back to the Blind Veterans UK Brighton art and craft workshop and create some Jeff Koon's inspired pieces. The art and craft workshop in Brighton is currently undergoing renovation, which will be completed by the end of August 2013.

To find out more about how Blind Veterans UK teaches art and craft to blind veterans visit the art and craft area of our website.