Fundraisers lose pounds to gain pounds for Blind Veterans UK

14 November 2013 13:20

Nikki’s grandfather served in the Armed Forces so she has a close connection to Military Charities.

Team FitTastic, formed of Sussex based Nikki Bailey and friends, have decided to support Blind Veterans UK through a unique fundraising challenge! The group hopes, through a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regime, to lose 8lbs in 8 weeks and raise funds for Blind Veterans UK.

Nikki, age 42, has fundraised for Blind Veterans UK previously, having taken part in the Burgess Hill 10km run earlier this year. This time she is joined by her girlfriends who are also on the mission to lose pounds to gain pounds for a cause close to Nikki's heart.

Nikki's grandfather served in the Armed Forces so she has a close connection to Military Charities. She has also been through the weight loss process before after she became overweight following the births of her two children. Nikki went on a diet, began to exercise and successfully lost an impressive three stone.

This time around, Nikki's target is less ambitious but still a mean feat! Nikki said: "I just wanted to lose 8lbs to get me back to goal weight! Having lost 3 stone & maintained the weight loss over the last 2 years or so following a healthy eating & exercise plan. This has totally changed my life for the better.

"My plan includes following Rosemary Conley's plan whilst doing street running, using the Gym, PT & classes at Freedom Leisure The Triangle Leisure Centre Burgess Hill combined with fitness & support with the other Team FitTastic member's!

"My late grandfather Charles served in WW2 Bomb Disposal Unit. Like many of our troops who fought back then & indeed now risked life, limbs, life & suffer the aftermath of war to this day to give us independence. So this is a token of love & respect to support Blind Veteran's in my Grandfather's memory & all our forces."

Nikki's friend Jennie is also taking part in the challenge. Jennie said: "I was very fit and slim for years. I was a dancer and gym bunny and probably exercised up to 5 hours a day. Pregnancy was the total cause of weight gain. I was very sick in my first pregnancy and worked full time so exercise took a back seat. I put on four stone. I tried to lose it and lost 2.5 stone but then got pregnant again. Unfortunately I was seriously ill during and after my second pregnancy and I put on lots of weight. I never lost it. With two small children I got locked in a vicious cycle of exhaustion and comfort eating. I never seemed to have the time, space and energy to look after me and address my weight and fitness. I also had a really stressful time when my husband got sick and had to have heart surgery. This was however also the trigger for me to want to address my health and well being - my children needed me fit and well and the family needed a better lifestyle."

Jen, another member of team FitTastic said: "One reason I am choosing to do the sponsored diet is because my Grandad served in the wars and feel like I want to do my part to give back to the people who fought for this country!"

The other members of the team, Nicky and Sarah put their motivation to succeed down to wanting to feel better about themselves and that they owe it to their children to give them a happy and healthy mum.  Sarah, the final member of the team said: "I am joining you for extra motivation to shift 8lbs as when doing something for charity and being part of a group makes you have a little more willpower than going it alone."

Each week, Nikki hopes to update her supporters with weight updates from all of the team members so that people can see how they are getting on week by week and also take tips rom what fitness activities they will all be doing.

There are several ways to support Team FitTastic. You can donate by text, by texting DIET80 £? to 70070 or you can visit their Just Giving page.

For more information how you can fundraise for Blind Veterans UK visit our website.