Gwanwyn festival

23 April 2014 17:30

Blind Veterans UK's Llandudno art & craft team have been selected to join in Gwanwyn, a month long festival across Wales to celebrate creativity in older age.

Our Llandudno centre Art and Craft Team are delighted to have been selected to join in Gwanwyn, a month-long national festival held across Wales in May each year, to celebrate creativity in older age.
 age cymruAs part of our involvement with Gwanwyn, we have organised a dedicated Wood Week which will bring together our veterans who share an interest in working with wood. The week will include workshop time, demonstrations, sharing skills and a day out at the Woodland Skills Centre in Denbighshire.  We hope it will enable our veterans to share amongst their peers useful practical tips and also share stories.

The dedicated week for members to work with wood will take place from 25 - 31 May 2014 and after the week, our veterans work will be on display at a local festival of national repute called Wood-Fest. Gwanwyn, which means 'spring' in Welsh, celebrates older age as a time of opportunity for renewal growth and creativity. Gwanwyn provides an opportunity for older people to get inspired, get immersed and get involved.

The Gwanwyn festival is run by Age Cymru and supported by the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales. 2014 will be the festival's 8th year and throughout the month, all across Wales over 9,000 people will attend over 400 events involving over 65 community groups or organisations across Wales.

Emma Robinson, Coordinator of Gwanwyn Arts Festival at Age Cymru said "We're so glad to be working with Blind Veterans UK this year".

To find out more about Wood Week or other art and craft opportunity with Blind Veterans UK, please contact our Llandudno centre.