Earlier this year one of our blind veterans, Ken, helped us out by appearing in a short film about how we can combat isolation.

Ken  is one of our London-based Members and the focal point of Ken’s Story – a video produced by us which aims to highlight the problem of isolation among our veterans. The film, which is just under four minutes long, shows Ken’s life before and after receiving our support and the difference it makes. Since its release in February it has proved to be very successful, and marks a pivotal point in our anti-Isolation drive.

We spoke to Ken about his involvement in the campaign, and why the film means so much to him.

“The way I look at it, by helping out I’m contributing to the campaign. It’s so important to me because it takes me back to when I first joined Blind Veterans UK [in 2015]. I’d never associated them with me, I didn’t even consider myself as being blind really, because I still have some sight.

“I went on one of the Induction Weeks [at our Brighton Centre] and it was only when I came back from that, that I realised how low I felt before. Since then, everything has just been going upwards.

“Without realising it, since 2010 [when Ken’s wife passed away] I’d been going down and down without realising it. Had it not been for that week, I don’t think I’d have seen the year out.”

Ken taking a look through the camera lens during filming

So, did Ken enjoy his time in front of the camera?

The voice at the end of the telephone chuckles,

“All I did was sort of sit there, It wasn’t acting, it was good fun actually. I think they’ve done a great job. If it [the film] does some good, then that’s a good thing and I know that I’ll have helped out.”

A huge thank you to Ken for his support with the video - the day he spent helping us could also potentially help our more isolated veterans.

Ken is glad he helped out and hopes the campaign will help us to support more blind veterans like him
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Ken's story

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