It’s all ‘Sugio’ at our Brighton centre!

5 October 2016 14:31

Shin, a Japanese student currently training as a classical singer, recently attended our Brighton centre to find out more about our charity. Shin, who lives with sight loss, has embarked on a project which compares the facilities and services available to vision-impaired individuals in different countries.

classical singer Shin visits the Brighton centre

As part of his studies Shin attended the Royal College for the Blind, the RNIB, our Blind Veterans UK archives and finally our Brighton centre. Whilst at the centre Shin attended one of our Art & Craft workshops, here he was able to view our veteran’s paintings, sculptures and was also able to take part. Shin was bowled over by the range of activities and often exclaimed “Sugio!” meaning amazing!

classical singer Shin visits the Brighton centre

Shin then visited our Sports and Recreation department visiting the gym and swimming pool. He later attended IT training and kitchen training with our Rehabilitation Officers. Shin was amazed by our training facilities and now hopes to take his experiences back to Japan to help other vision-impaired individuals there.

Shin finished his trip to Brighton with a visit to the beach and his first plate of fish and chips.