Jersey artist to sell creative creations for Blind Veterans UK

1 July 2014 13:36

An independent artist from Jersey has pledged to sell some of her creations to raise money in aid of Blind Veterans UK as we supported her grandfather.

42-year-old Dawn Monks from St Clement will be donating 10% from every sale of her new line of T-s

The clothing and mugs, which depict the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) cap-badge, are part of a series of products Dawn has been selling to raise money for military charities.

Dawn said she was inspired to raise money for Blind Veterans UK by her grandfather, Jack Blane, himself a RAMC veteran who was supported by the charity in later life. Jack, who died in 2012, served during World War Two and saw action in some of the most famous events in military history.

One of the original members of the British Expeditionary Force, Jack landed in France in September 1939 and was evacuated at Dunkirk the year after. He then went on serve in North Africa with the Eighth Army and land in Normandy two days after D-Day. Writing about his experiences in the Army, Jack later said: "There were good times and bad times - but always good friends."

Jack later developed macular degeneration and joined Blind Veterans UK in 2006, where he received free and comprehensive support to help him live independently with sight loss.

Dawn says: "The charity really gave my grandfather a lot of support and I wanted to support them in return. I'd been working my way through making clothes with the various regimental cap-badges and when I got to the RAMC, donating some of the money to Blind Veterans UK seemed a natural way to pay tribute to granddad's service and support a great cause."

Dawn, who has been drawing since her teens, says that her pen-and-ink cap-badge pictures have been a particular challenge: "The badges are pretty small but incredibly detailed - frankly, I stand in awe of the people who designed them.

"I've been drawing military cap-badges, vehicles and portraits for the last few years - lots of people draw buildings, landscapes and animals, but I wanted to do something a bit unusual."

To find out more Dawn's RAMC clothing or mugs, or if you would like to purchase something please visit her website.

hirts, tops, hoodies and mugs to Blind Veterans UK.