Just three days remaining to make your bid on painting commissioned by Dame Judi Dench

13 August 2013 16:30

There are just 3 days left for the public to bid on an original painting of Dame Judi Dench by blind veteran Derek O'Rourke.

 Blind veteran Derek O'Rourke is auctioning off an original piece of his artwork via eBay.There are just three days left until the auction closes and we urge you to bid and support blind veterans.

The painting was commissioned by Dame Judi Dench to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK. Derek has received personal correspondence from Dame Judi herself, which include a letter and email which will be sold along with the painting.

Due to his condition,  Angeoid Streaks, Derek has only limited eyesight and says he 'paints through a keyhole'. Derek has created many peices of art since joining the charity Blind Veterans UK as a member. His artwork can be found on his website or on his personal Facebook page.

So far there have been twelve bids on the painting, with the current bid at £104.00. Visit the eBay listing now to make your bid. 100% of the sale price will be donated to Blind Veterans UK to support vital work supporting blind veterans to live a life beyond sight loss.