Keen Start - New Presenter Joins BFBS Radio

31 July 2013 14:35

There’s a fresh young voice entertaining British Forces and their families in the South Atlantic, as a new broadcaster has joined the BFBS Falkland Islands team.

24-year-old Chris Keen moved to the station at the end of June and is now on the airwaves every morning from 6-10am, presenting the BFBS Falkland Islands Breakfast Show.

"I've been here a month now and so far I've enjoyed every minute," said Chris. "Working so closely with the military is great. I live, eat, and socialise with them so I can really get a sense of how they work away from home during an overseas deployment. My passion is presenting and to do this for BFBS is a dream come true!"

Though the world of Forces broadcasting is a big step for Chris, he has seven years of experience in the industry, including jobs in local BBC radio as a producer and broadcast assistant.

"Working in the Falklands is totally different to any job I have ever had," said Chris. "For a start, just to get to the studio I have to walk down what seems like the longest corridor in the world - that's weird.

"I love being on air here and having interaction from the guys and girls, especially when I meet them in the mess and they tell me they're listening to the show. Hopefully I'm making a difference and brightening up their day by playing their favourite song or just by saying hello."

Chris joins BFBS Falkland Islands as the station reaches its thirtieth year broadcasting entertainment, sport, music and live news to British Forces and Islanders.

Station Manager, Anthony Ballard, added: "We were delighted when Chris decided to join the presentation line up here in the South Atlantic. He has settled in well and is not only already popular with our audience but has become a valuable member of the BFBS Falkland Islands team."

To contact Chris email or connect via social media @BFBS_Falklands and on Facebook via BFBS Falkland Islands