Last weekend twelve blind veterans were invited to Brighton & Hove FC to try blind football.

5 October 2016 14:24

A blind football match entails two teams of five players. The objective is still to kick the ball into the net and the goalkeeper is usually sighted. Most importantly, ball bearings are placed inside the ball to create a noise which allows players to locate the ball.

Veterans Playing Blind Football

It was the first time the majority of our blind veterans had played blind football and at first the new ball proved difficult to navigate. Blind veteran Colin says: “The ball used for blind football is so much heavier than a regular football although this is necessary as it keeps the ball on the ground reducing potential injuries.

“We are so thankful to Brighton & Hove FC and the American Express Organisation who arranged the blind football weekend. They arranged two vision-impaired football coaches to introduce us to the sport, offering warm-up sessions, training, penalty shoot outs and organised a match between our group.

Football weekend

“Overall the weekend was great fun and we all had such a laugh. A couple of us enjoyed the sport so much that we have decided to create a Blind Veterans UK Blind Football Team. We hope to recruit a full team of blind veterans and hopefully enter the Blind Football League!”