Leicester cheeky chappies are challenging others to join them in giving up technology for 24 hours

25 January 2019 16:00

Fundraisers Oliver & Lewys

A couple of young schoolboys from Leicester will be going “unplugged” for 24 hours this week and are calling on others to take on the challenge.

10-year-old Oliver and 12-year-old Lewys will be cutting ties with their phones and devices for a whole day in order to raise money for isolated blind veterans.

The challenge, which for many will be considered impossible in 2019, is intended to encourage people to spend the day with friends and family, while supporting blind veterans across the country.

We want to use this as an opportunity to highlight the isolation often experienced by the veterans we support. Any issues of isolation we feel as we age, only increase if you have lost your sight.

Self-confessed smartphone addicts Oliver and Lewys have decided to participate, as they’ve met isolated blind veterans in their own community and they want to take the opportunity to help.

"I’m always on my iPhone playing games or watching YouTube videos. This challenge is going to be so tough and I’m dreading it but it’ll be useful to experience the isolation that blind veterans experience every day."

Lewys says: “Because of my dad’s connection to the RAF, I’ve met some blind veterans in Leicester and I could see that they really needed our help. It must be so difficult to be old and blind.”

“So far we’ve raised £250 to support them but if anyone wants to donate and help us get that number higher, please visit our Just Giving page! Or you could sign up like us and give up your phone on Saturday!”

Oliver and Lewys’ Just Giving page can be found here:

"Phones help us feel connected to the world – but can you imagine having no one to turn to, online or otherwise? We know that tens of thousands of ex-Service men and women around the nation experience, not only the effects of sight loss, but isolation too. Everyone who spends a day away from your phone will help us to reconnect those veterans with their communities, and support them to rebuild their lives after losing their sight."
Paul Lawless, Head of Community Engagement

#24Unplugged will be taking place on Saturday 26 January and those taking part in the challenge have to go without all phones and other devices for the whole day. This date is significant as it is the Saturday that immediately follows Blue Monday (21 January), long claimed to be the most depressing day of the year.

You can join Oliver and Lewys and sign up for the challenge, or nominate someone else, at