Llandudno resident loses her locks to support blind veterans

13 March 2014 14:55

A brave Llandudno resident has said she is “ecstatic” after cutting off her hair to raise money for Blind Veterans UK.

Pam Willner, age 41, has raised over £1,000 for Blind Veterans UK, where she works as a front of house supervisor at our Llandudno centre.

Pam says: "I see the incredible impact that the charity has on people's lives every day at work and I'm constantly inspired by it. 

"Members of my team had done things like skydiving or blindfolded sponsored walks, but I wanted to do something a bit different for Blind Veterans UK. I'm ecstatic to have raised so much for the charity.

"It's actually quite liberating to have my hair off. It feels like I'm not defined by what's on my head anymore - and now I won't have to spend as much on products!"

The head shave took place as part of our Llandudno centre open day, which featured a range of interactive exhibits to show the vital work we do to help veterans with sight loss live independently. Money raised from Pam's head shave will go to Blind Veterans UK's Llandudno centre, which provides blind veterans from across the country with free, lifelong and comprehensive support, regardless of when they served or how they lost their sight.

Pam was assisted in her head shave by local hairstylist Clare Jones. Clare, who owns Crimpers Salon on Treforris Road, said she was inspired to help Pam after hearing about the challenge.

Clare says: "As a hairdresser, I know just how important a woman's hair can be in affecting how she feels, so knowing that Pam was going to give up her hair to support this great charity inspired me to help out.

"It was great fun helping Pam with this amazing challenge and I'm so glad she was able to raise so much money." A raffle was run to choose who would cut off Pam's pony tail before starting the head shave.

Winner Nigel Jones said: "I think I was more nervous about cutting it off then Pam was of having her head shaved!"

There is still time to donate to Pam's head shave challenge and support vision impaired v