Victoria Dickinson explains how volunteer Sue has changed the life of Member Evelyn

Evelyn Brooks from Horsham in West Sussex has been a Member of Blind Veterans UK since 2015. She joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in 1942 as a driver, having been trained on three-ton Bedford and 30-cwt Fordson trucks. Evelyn was posted all across the country during her time during the war.

One of our volunteers, Sue Davies, was introduced to Evelyn in the summer of 2018.

“I first enquired about being a home visiting volunteer because as a member of staff, volunteering is something I am involved in from our point of view and I wanted to understand what it was like from the other side. “I know it’s important that the experience is positive for both parties, but had no idea that I would get as much out of the relationship as I do. What I do is so small – to me, anyway. I visit Evelyn once a week or fortnight, have a cup of tea and a giggle or help her to read some mail.
Sue Davies

Sometimes we go to Sainsbury’s for a weekly shop, or to a boutique to select a new outfit. All this helps me to see what challenges someone with sight loss faces in so many ways. Reading the sell-by date on a chicken piece is something I have always taken for granted. Choosing a birthday card is so much more complicated when you can’t see categories on the shelf or read the greetings. Spending time with Evelyn is fun, makes me a better person and I always look forward to our visits."

In return, Evelyn really enjoys Sue’s visits and says;

“Sue made my day when she took me to the shops to buy some birthday cards. We also went to the jewellery shop to get a new watch strap, and bought some tops in Bonmarche, she is so helpful.”

Sue also took Evelyn to the Brighton Reunion, which she enjoyed very much by meeting other members and having lunch.

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who do so much for our veterans.

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