Members of Blind Veterans UK visit US on Project Gemini

22 August 2013 10:00

Project Gemini takes place for a second time this year, with members of Blind Veterans UK visitng the BVA in Spokane, Washington.

This week members of Blind Veterans UK; Anthony Cooper, Simon Brown, Chris Nowell, Mark Threadgold and Colin Williamson visited the BVA in Spokane, a city in Washington State, as part of the ongoing Project Gemini exchange programme between both charities.

Earlier in 2013 veterans from across the pond visited Blind Veterans UK on a weeklong exchange, where both groups of blind veterans used the time as a transfer of knowledge and skills.

Colin Williamson, member and also Cadet and Youth Challenge Project Officer for Blind Veterans UK said: "Project Gemini and the BVA Operation Peer Support program that occurs during its national convention each August will continue to be a great shining example of two Veterans Service Organizations assisting their memberships.

"This will help future veterans later on as we raise the levels of awareness of what we are doing with this effort.

"We can learn so much from one another and I believe that both organizations greatly benefit from our alliance."

BVA Director of Government Relations Dr. Tom Zampieri said: "Project Gemini has improved communications among ourPentagon, Department of Veterans Affairs, vision research organisations, professional organisations, and military eye care specialists in both the United States and in the United Kingdom.

"In a very short time we have brought together eye trauma military specialists, vision researchers, rehabilitation staff, and senior leaders to improve care and coordination of services, which is an outstanding accomplishment."