Military Week at Llandudno

7 December 2017 10:00

Leading up to Armistice Day, blind veterans came together and stayed at our Llandudno centre in a weeklong celebration of the Armed Forces.

In the words of blind veteran Jim, 83, a former Army National Serviceman who suffers from macular degeneration, this was 'a very special and exciting week'.  It got off to a terrific start with a visit by the Royal Welsh Fusiliers who encouraged our veterans to handle the weaponry.

There were many things that brought out the “boy” in all men...

Photo of blind veteran Jim at Military Week at Llandudno brandishing a hand gun James Bond style
Our very own debonair James Bond, blind veteran Jim.

Our female blind veterans enjoyed getting hands on too.

Photo of blind veteran Sonia at Military Week at Llandudno brandishing an automatic gun

Veterans visited the North Wales Firearms Unit. For blind veteran Sonia this was the highlight of the week. Aged 96 and ex-WRAF, Sonia served in the UK and India. Her sight is affected by age-related macular degeneration.

Next up was a ration book cookery course with the veterans making carrot cake and biscuits among other delectable offerings.  Those not actually doing the cooking made sure to get involved in the eating.

Photo of 2 blind veterans and a staff member  baking cakes during Military Week at Llandudno

Parked outside our Llandudno centre is an Abbot Self Propelling Gun (that is for those who know the difference, to most of us it is a Tank) and may veterans enjoyed getting the chance to feel their way through it.

Photo of staff and blind veterans in full military dress at the Regimental Dinner on Saturday night at Military Week in Llandudno
Full dress and medals are de rigueur for the regimental dinner on Saturday night attended by staff and veterans.

Military Week provides lots of catch up time before the main event of Remembrance Day. Some of our veterans march at the Cenotaph in London but others take part in services held at our centres.  The photos below show those attending Llandudno’s Cenotaph, laying wreaths, paying their respects.

Photo of blind veterans laying  wreaths during Military Week at  Llandudno
A time of quiet reflection for all.
Photo of blind veterans, including one in a wheelchair, laying  wreaths at Military Week in Llandudno