No blind veteran alone at Christmas

13 November 2013 11:45

Blind Veterans UK believes no one who has served our country should battle blindness alone, especially at Christmas.

Blind veteran Peter Price, age 65, from Peterborough has said that Blind Veterans UK transformed his life, and he feels he can now properly enjoy Christmas once more.

Peter joined the Royal Army Service Corps in 1964 and served in the Middle East, Germany and Northern Ireland. Years after leaving the army in 1972, Peter's life was turned upside down when his eyesight started to fade and he found doing everyday tasks increasingly difficult.

After years of suffering in silence he was eventually registered blind and lost his job and ability to drive. Christmas became of the important activities that his sight loss prevented him from being able to enjoy.

Peter said: "Before I joined Blind Veterans UK Christmas was a time for staying at home and avoiding social contact as I didn't have the confidence or inclination to leave the house. We would receive Christmas cards that I was unable to read and appreciate; Christmas decorations were meaningless. I was unwilling to help in the kitchen in case I got in a mess."

Just a few years on, with the support of Blind Veterans UK, Peter's life has turned around and he has re-gained the independence he so missed. Thanks to the training and rehabilitation specifically designed for people who are vision impaired, Peter has been able to enjoy the company of many like minded people as well as try out blind archery at which he has excelled.

Peter says: "Christmas these days is definitely more of a family occasion now with me even getting in the kitchen with my sleeves rolled up. It means so much more to me than it used to. I have now gained the confidence to get out there and socialize, even attending church services thanks to my portable magnifier provided by the charity which enables
me to read the hymn book. I also use a CCTV magnifier which gives me the freedom to read my own Christmas cards and even see all the festive pictures. Thank you Blind Veterans UK for giving me Christmas back, and Santa of course."

Blind Veterans UK recently launched the No One Alone campaign which aims to reach out to the estimated 68,000 plus ex-Service personnel who could be benefiting from our free services but they either do not know about Blind Veterans UK or they do not know that they are eligible for free support. To request free support or to find out more call 0800 389 7979.