Our Project Gemini has been nominated for an International Soldiering on Award

21 March 2017 16:00

We have been updating you about the veterans we support who have been nominated for prestigious Soldiering On Awards. As well as individuals being nominated, a project that Blind Veterans UK was instrumental in setting up is also up for the International Award.

Photo of Project Gemini group nominated for a Soldering On Award

Project Gemini was set up in May 2011 for British and American former Service personnel who were have lost their sight. Its objective is to share knowledge of rehabilitation and training for veterans with sight loss and to strengthen relations between Blind Veterans UK and Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) as well as the veterans they support.

Every year since 2011 veterans meet for a week in both the United Kingdom and America to take part in local activities and share stories.

The veterans attending come from all areas of the Armed Forces with an array of different experiences, yet instantly bond. Through their shared background new friendships are made through activities, sharing their stories and supporting one another. The project also brings together military medical professionals from the UK and USA to share knowledge, expertise and research into sight loss.

Due to its unprecedented success, from 2014 Project Gemini extended to include South African blind veterans.

British blind veteran Colin Williamson, who has led the project from the beginning says: “We wanted to initiate the project based around the idea of extending the cooperation we show on the battlefield. We fight together and it’s only right that we should heal together.”

The awards ceremony is this Friday and we wish Colin and all the Project Gemini team the best of luck!