Our veterans enjoy a photography week in Llandudno

29 September 2017 17:00

Organised by two of our blind veterans, we recently held photography week at our Llandudno centre. It’s a chance for blind veterans of all abilities to come together and adopt new skills as well as form new friendships.

Group photo of 9 blind veterans outside Llandudno centre during Photography Week there in 2017

33-year-old blind veteran and avid photographer Chris Nowell, is now a teacher at the week along with blind veteran Nick Barber. This time was Chris’ second week as a teacher.

Shooting a range of landscape, architecture, wildlife and studio portraits, the week finished with an exhibition to showcase all our veterans hard work.

Chris says: “It was definitely by far the best photography week the charity has done so far”.

One of the blind veterans attending the week for the first time was 82-year-old Robert Eaglestone who suffers from aged related macular degeneration.

Chris noticed that Rob’s enthusiasm really stood out during the week and says: “Robert was very keen, always asking questions and got along with everyone really well. He was always there with his camera, having fun. I could see that he liked photographing landscape and architecture.”

Reflecting on the week Rob says: 

"It was very enjoyable, I was in good company and it was a really great week. To have an exhibition at the end, that was something else again."

“I was looking forward to the week, I’d always been interested in photography but I hadn’t done so much recently. I hadn’t met any of the veterans who were there before but it was nice. Chris and Nick were very good at leading us."

Photo of 10 photographs displayed on a stand for Photography Week exhibition

Rob continues: "I enjoyed it all. I’d never visited the church at the Great Orme before so that was interesting as well. When we were there the vicar was also around and gave us a short talk about the history of the church which was interesting.

"I had never had a studio session before with proper lighting and a backdrop so that was enjoyable. A lot of the staff came along and had their photo taken."

As well as shooting the images, the group were guided through the process of uploading and editing their images. After attending this week, Rob is keen to try another in future.

To see the a video of photography week created by Chris and Nick visit: