Portrait of Billy Baxter by Mike Clyburn

25 June 2013 14:25

Blind Veterans UK member Mike Clyburn draws a portrait of Billy Baxter at our Art & Craft department in Llandudno.

This month, our Art & Craft department in Llandudno had the company of blind veteran Mike Clyburn who was taking part in a training session.

Mike has been painting watercolours from the age of 28 and has enjoyed drawing since the age of 14. However, in 2005 he stopped all of his painting and artwork because of sight loss. Since he has become a member of Blind Veterans UK this has since changed. Mike is taking part in training course which enable him to develop his skills despite vision impairment.

Mike spoke about joining Blind Veterans UK and said: "It has given me the opportunity to realise that I can still paint. I thank Blind Veterans UK and everyone at Llandudno for their assistance in helping me to realise and re-kindle my passion for art".

Mike spent a morning drawing Blind Veterans UK member and now employee Billy Baxter. The drawing is a fantastic representation of Billy.