Saga's Dr Ros Altmann backs No One Alone campaign

7 December 2012 11:41

Dr Ros Altmann, the Director General of Saga, Britain’s leading organisation catering for the over 50s, is backing our No One Alone campaign.

The No One Alone campaign aims to reach out to the estimated 68,000 ex-Servicemen and women who are potentially eligible for our support. Dr Ros Altmann, Director General of Saga, says:

"Like Saga, Blind Veterans UK works hard to support the needs of  older people, which is why I am pleased to help raise awareness of its fantastic services."

Portrait image of Dr Ros Altmann, Director General of SAGA

"If you or anyone you know served in the Armed Forces and is suffering with severe sight problems, then you could be eligible for Blind Veterans UK's free support, regardless of length of service or cause of sight problem. Go to or free-phone: 0800 389 7979."

Dr Ros Altmann also recently said on twitter: "Blind Veterans can get lots of support, they don't always know about it though. So many unsung heroes."

Mature times 'the voice of our generation' have also featured a news story on their website about Dr Ros Altmann's support for our No One Alone campaign. Read the news article here.