Simon cycled for 9 hours going nowhere

18 October 2016

Simon Hebson started cycling at 9am on Tuesday 4 October and continued for more than nine hours in support of our charity.

He performed this impressive feat at Tesco in Exeter Vale, where he was supported by one of our blind veterans, John Evans and his guide dog Johnny.

Simon Hebson & John Evans Cycling Fundraiser

Simon told us how he supported John at one of our annual challenge events earlier this year, “I guided John when we did the Blind Veterans UK 100k London to Brighton event together earlier this year. I wanted to add to my previous fundraising by taking on another challenge.”

John told us, “It’s amazing that Simon was on his bike all day to raise money for the charity. It’s a pretty unusual challenge and I was more than happy to come along to wave the Blind Veterans UK flag whilst Simon cycled 170 miles to nowhere!”

Simon says: “It was definitely challenging, not only physically but mentally. You’re not moving anywhere, don’t see the countryside change but it was great that so many people saw me and supported the cause.

“The challenge has a silly note to it but is also quite unique and many locals understood the importance of what I was doing.”

Simon feels very strongly about supporting our charity due to his own military background. He served in the Coldstream Guards for 23 years and left the Army as a Sergeant. Now he is part of the Army Reserves as a Team Leader in the Outreach Team, who also came to support him.