Staff swap roles at our Brighton centre to improve their knowledge of different departments.

19 August 2016 12:48


Sue and Paul swap roles at our Brighton centre

What is a typical day like?
Sue: A typical day as a Residential Manager begins with a handover from the night staff at 7.30am. We then wash and dress veterans who require help and take them down for breakfast.
Our team is then allocated tasks for the day which could be escorting on trips, taking veterans to doctors’ appointments or entertaining within the centre.
Our focus is to make sure everybody is happy!
Paul: A typical day for a Ward Manager also begins with a handover. We will then administer medication and usually two nurses will help veterans on the ward get ready for the day.
Similar to Sue our team will take veterans on trips or to workshops in the centre, although these will usually be individual trips so we can provide extra support to the veteran.

What was your favourite part?
Sue: It was great to meet different veterans and be able to interact more. I spent more time having conversations with the veterans, it reminded me of how nursing used to be.
Paul: I really enjoyed learning new skills. I was taught how to use new equipment which was interesting.

What was the most challenging aspect?
Sue: The most challenging aspect was taking a step back. With Residential Care the Health Care Assistants are allocated a task and then their day is planned out, whereas in Nursing it is impossible to plan.
Paul: I didn’t realise how challenging nursing could be. It was really tough and mentally straining.

What is the most important thing you will take away from the job swap?
Sue: I have realised how incredibly hard Paul and his team work.
Paul: The most important thing I have taken away is the need to begin working as one team. Both Sue and I have decided we will focus more on working together and build a sense of team.

It looks like the job swap has proved very successful. Both Sue and Paul have been able to get to know different staff members, learn new skills, witness different management styles and understand the roles in much more detail.

Health Care Assistants at the Brighton Centre have also taken part in the job swap and have started a rotation in which they will spend time in the different care environments.