Staines nurse to take to the skies for blind veteran father

19 June 2014 11:45

A nursery nurse from Staines is set to turn daredevil when she attempts a skydive to raise money for Blind Veterans UK – in thanks for the "life-changing" help her family has received from the charity

21-year-old Tori Williams will be jumping for Blind Veterans UK, after the charity helped her father, Peter Williams, regain his independence after sight loss.

A former Army Royal Signalman, Peter joined Blind Veterans UK seven years ago after losing his sight to optic atrophy and Horner's syndrome. Since joining the charity, Tori says Peter has come on leaps and bounds.

She says: "Before joining Blind Veterans UK, my dad was very depressed about his sight loss and really struggled to get out and about.

"He's a completely different person now. Blind Veterans UK has helped show him how he can do things he'd never thought possible because of his sight - everything from using a computer blind to woodworking."

Tori, who works as a deputy room manager in a children's nursery, will be completing her skydive with the Red Devils, the Army's official stunt parachute group. The skydive is set for Wednesday 3 September and will see Tori and other Blind Veteran UK supporters accelerate a stunning 0 - 120 mph in 10 secconds in freefall.

Blind Veterans UK still has some places on the skydive and Tori is calling on members of the public to sign up and support the charity. She says: "What's amazing about Blind Veterans UK is that they haven't just helped my dad; they helped the entire family.

"They gave my dad a grant to help me with my education, which helped me get through college and pay for my books. I wouldn't be where I am now, doing the job I am doing, without Blind Veterans UK.

"It's been life-changing, and this is a way to help support the charity - while doing something fun as well!"

Blind Veterans UK will be running two skydives in September and is calling on adventurous members of the public to sign up to the events, which can be completed for as little as £100, plus £500 minimum sponsorship. The jumps are set to take place in Nottingham and Salisbury and will be with the Red Devils, the official parachute display team for both the Parachute Regiment and the British Army.

To sponsor Tori's skydive, please visit her just giving page. To sign up for a Red Devils skydive for Blind Veterans UK, please visit our event page.