Student volunteer climbs Snowdon blindfolded

26 June 2017 14:00

A wonderful occupational therapy student from York, Izzy Jones, climbs the highest mountain in Wales completely blindfolded and raises over £1,2500 for our charity.


Fundraiser Izzy Jones climbing Snowdon in a blindfold

Izzy Jones, originally from Abergele Conwy County, embarked on the epic walk earlier this month. Getting through the daunting task, Izzy says it was the support of her guide that got her to the top of the mountain in one piece.

Starting out on the Llanberis Path at 7.45am, Izzy arrived at the summit just after 11am, keeping her blind fold firmly in place despite rough terrain and hail in places.

She explains: "It actually went really well. The trust I needed and fortunately had in Suzanne, my sighted guide, was great. It was a smooth journey in all and such an enjoyable challenge, despite some rocky patches. I didn't take the blindfold off once on the walk up Snowdon which shows it really is possible."

"Above all else, what it’s really made me appreciate is the other amazing activities Blind Veterans UK enables its beneficiaries to participate in. Some of which are a lot more strenuous than walking, such as white water rafting and skiing!"

In total, Izzy managed to raise an amazing £1,200 for our charity. Having volunteered at the charity’s training and rehabilitation centre in Llandudno for the past three years, Izzy was keen to push herself physically to demonstrate her support for the veterans we support.

Fundraiser Izzy Jones at the top of Snowdon in a blindfold holding Blind Veterans UK's flag

She tells us: “I’ve met unforgettable people that have impacted both me as a person and how I look at my own life. The rehabilitation and training they have available is brilliant and can make a big difference to their lives.”

Fundraiser Izzy Jones climbing Mount Snowdon blindfolded

Izzy, 19-years-old, explains that her studies in occupational therapy, have helped her gain more confidence in terms of the support and service she’s able to provide our blind veterans. 

Izzy tells us: "I can't explain how much I appreciate the opportunity I've had to volunteer at Blind Veterans UK, I feel very much part of the family. I've met some unforgettable members, and have had conversations I will never forget. They've allowed me to develop and enhance my awareness of visual impairment but more so, how their quality of life can be drastically improved by the work Blind Veterans UK supply. I forever leave the centre with a smile of my face."

You can still support Izzy for completing her Snowdon blindfolded climb, by visiting: