Sutton Valence School - Night Walk in aid of Blind Veterans UK

6 March 2013 10:00

Congratulations to Sutton Valence School for completing their annual night walk in aid of Blind Veterans UK.

Sutton Valence Schools' annual night walk in aid of Blind Veterans UK took place on Friday 15th February. Eleven pupils, five staff and two parents took part in the challenge. Starting out from Great Chart, near Ashford, Kent at 6.00pm the teams soon got into their stride and were making good progress after a few initial navigation errors.

At the first stop they were greeted with home cooked chocolate brownies made by Mrs Hollingsworth, a welcome treat. The next leg which was on to Egerton really took its toll; the fields were ploughed and this, combined with recent wet weather meant that every step added mud to the shoes and took time to release them from the ground.

Eventually we were walking with feet twice their original size - it was tough going. However, they all ploughed on and made it to the next stop, Grafty Green. The final leg should have been a nice easy stroll, however this did not go to plan, with one group getting confused and another getting lost and having to return to Grafty Green to try a different route.

The staff team made it back first, followed closely by the sixth form and an hour and a half later by the fifth form. The students realised that night navigation is a different skill to finding your way in the light but, after a valiant effort, they all made it to the end and raised over £800 for Blind Veterans UK. Congratulations to everyone involved!