T(n)S Catering Management tackle record challenges

15 October 2013 15:00

Today six people are tackling four world records in one day to raise awareness of Blind Veterans UK's work with blind ex-Service men and women.

All attempts which are taking place place at Blind Veterans UK's centre in Llandudno on October 8 will follow official Guinness World Records guidelines. Challenges include eating Ferrero Rocher chocolates, bobbing for apples, peeling carrots and slicing cucumbers in record time.

The team comprises of staff from T(n)S Catering Management which is contracted by Blind Veterans UK at the charity's rehabilitation and training centre in Llandudno.

Blind veteran Billy Baxter, who has total sight loss, was glad to take part, as he already holds a motorbike speed record!

Tom Bestwick, operations manager at T(n)S, said: "We're very excited to be participating in this event along with Blind Veterans UK. Our record-breaking attempts will not only help raise awareness of the charity, but also strengthen the partnership between T(n)S and Blind Veterans UK.

"We have such a great relationship with Blind Veterans UK and our staff are proud to take part in the event to show their on-going commitment to this great charitable organisation."

The records the team hopes to beat are for the fastest time eating 15 Ferrero Rochers. The record is currently three minutes and 59 seconds.

The team members also hope to peel the most carrots in one minute, with the record currently 591g. They have already held a practice session for this challenge which you can watch on YouTube. The other challenges involve; slicing a cucumber into 264 pieces - the current record is 13.4 seconds; and record the most apples bobbed in three minutes by a six-person team, currently the record stands at 361.
The success of the day will be determined soon, but Russell Snowdon from T(n)S Catering hopes to have beaten the 3 minute 59 second record for eating 15 Ferrero Rochers by 41 seconds! Well done to all those who have taken part today in support of Blind Veterans UK.