The Big Draw in Brighton

17 October 2012 16:06

Throughout October Blind Veterans UK are celebrating The Big Draw. It is a month long, nationwide initiative run by the Campaign for Drawing to encourage everyone to have a go at drawing in whichever

The Art and Craft Department in Brighton have organised their own Big Draw event using a range of tactile drawing techniques that allow blind and vision impaired people to take part. We hope the 'draw wall' in the corridor by the swimming pool will be ablaze with tactile drawings from wool, to vinyl, to tactile dots in the coming weeks.

Brighton Centre's The Big Draw - 3D artwork on orange canvas, with interconnected nails protruding from surface

The aim of The Big Draw is to get everyone to have a go; including staff, members, visitors and their families. If you want to take part but can't make it down to the drawing wall at our Brighton centre, we do have drawing boards and materials which people can use to add their contribution.

The Big Draw has been running for just two weeks but we've had some fantastic responses from Staff and members alike. What's particularly great is that people are drawing in response to what people have previously added, so real narratives are developing.

Brighton Centre's The Big Draw with blind veterans drawing on whiteboards and chalkboards

Vision impaired members have used what can be seen through the swimming pool window to inspire them. The Mosaic whale which features in the Brighton centre swimming pool now has water spurting from its blow hole in vinyl. Another Blind Veterans UK member has drawn a member of house keeping to clean up the water!

Brighton Centre's The Big Draw - a whale-shaped mosaic suspended over Brighton Centre's swimming pool

We are completely inspired by the drawings and artwork being created by Blind Veterans UK members and staff. We can't wait to see how stories will develop over the next two weeks on the 'draw wall'.

If you'd like to get involved in The Big Draw in Brighton, or for more information please call the Brighton Arts and Crafts team on 01273 391466.

You can see more pictures in our Facebook album.