The big finish to 'The Big Draw'

9 November 2012 11:16

October has come to an end and that means the month long, nationwide initiative; The Big Draw has also finished.

The members, staff, families and visitors of the Blind Veterans UK Brighton centre have had a fantastic month getting crafty for the campaign that aims to get people into arts and crafts during the month of October.

The centre took part in a wide variety of mixed media arts and crafts including woolly line drawings, making
their mark on the draw wall, crafting doodle vases and creating works of art on the swimming pool glass wall.

We are extremely pleased that  The Big Draw has been such a success at our Brighton centre and it's been a great way for our members to develop their art and craft skills. It has certainly been a celebration of drawing for us too! Here's a selection of some of the top art and craft creations from over the month.

Jaws in techninolour

Photo of drawing of famous Jaws poster, with shark underwater looking up at unsuspecting swimmer

Clown woolly line drawing   

Photo of clown woolly line drawing

 'The Scream' woolly line drawing

Brighton Centre's The Big Draw with a reinterpretation of  'The Scream' as a woolly line drawing


Wool and nails sculpture

Brighton Centre's The Big Draw wool and nails sculpture against orange background

Whale sculpture

Whale sculpture drawn on the window of Brighton Centre swimming pool