The Festival of Us

6 December 2013 16:20

Blind Veterans UK in Brighton took part inThe Festival of Us, which is a new national initiative that encourages artists to develop responses to people of inspiration.

We ran a 'Festival of Us' event at the Brighton centre on Sunday 1 December. The afternoon included visits from artists who heard the incredible stories of our blind veterans and then created work inspired by one of the stories.

Norman Perry, one of our permanent residents volunteered to be the featured blinded veteran. As anyone who has ever spoken to Norman will know, he is a truly inspirational man and a very worthy focus of the works produced. The artists - which included poets, authors, photographers, sculptors, illustrators and fine artists (plus others) - all created pieces of work from the stories Norman told of his life, and from watching him work. Norman wove whilst everyone listened and responded creatively.
Esther Freeman, art and craft manager said: "It was a truly wonderful event and I would like to thank Leighton Eves (event curator) and Phil Rawson (Art & Craft Instructor) for making it happen."

The art and craft workshop at our Brighton centre has recently undergone redevelopment which has meant that there is more accessible and flexible space, improved workshop conditions; such as upgrading the furniture, improving the ventilation system and increasing storage for our ever growing collection of art and craft. The changes have also enabled more bespoke projects, such as the Festival of Us to take place with external groups. The project is part of the milestone of the 75th anniversary of Blind Veterans UK Brighton centre which we have been celebrating this year.

If you know a blind Armed Forces or National Service veteran who suffers with sight loss, Blind Veterans UK can help them. Request free support by calling 0800 389 7979.