The spectre at the feast – ghostly figure discovered in photograph of military charity’s fundraising dinner

24 February 2016 10:43

A military charity has discovered an image of what appears to be a ghostly figure taken at a fundraising dinner several months ago.

The picture only came to light as staff at Blind Veterans UK were looking for an image to help advertise its next Murder Mystery event in April and they came across the picture which sent a chill down their spines.

Taken at the last Blind Veterans UK Murder Mystery evening, held at Chateau Rhianfa in Menai Bridge in November, the picture was intended to be of one of the performers acting out her part in the production for the guests present. But, the staff quickly realised that they could see another, more ghostly guest, standing at the front also watching events.

The picture was taken by Blind Veterans UK Regional Fundraising Assistant Suzanne Evanson and spotted by Suzanne and event organiser Victoria Beech.

Suzanne says: "I had absolutely no idea when I took the picture that I was actually capturing a ghost who had turned up to our Murder Mystery night!

"It was only when we looked through the photos again for our next event that we saw the figure. You can clearly see the head and the body and I think he or she is watching the actress!"

Regional Fundraiser at Blind Veterans UK Victoria Beech organised the event, which raised more than £2,200 for the charity, and she recalls feeling the presence of something on the evening.

She says: "As we were setting up before everyone arrived, the room suddenly became absolutely freezing. I popped out to check on the heating and was told it had been on for hours. By the time I got back in it was roasting again. Our CD player kept stopping and starting too."

The "Murder Mystery Ghost" is not the first time the Chateau Rhianfa, the hotel holding the event, has experienced strange goings on.

Delyth Roberts, Sales Manager at the hotel says:

"Many employees have told of their experiences of being around the hotel, hearing strange noises and feeling a presence, but this picture is absolutely amazing!"

Victoria Beech added:

"We're hosting another Murder Mystery night at the Chateau Rhianfa on 8 April. Book your tickets now if you want the chance to catch the ghost while raising money for a brilliant charity in Blind Veterans UK."