This month we welcome a new veteran older than our charity

29 November 2017

Blind Veteran George, who recently joined our charity, is 103 years young – which makes him even older than our charity.

An ex-RAF Leading Aircraftman, George was born in 1914 and has only recently joined the charity and attended an introductory week at our Brighton centre.

To mark the event – a blind veteran joining even older than the charity itself - George was presented with a cake.

George’s sight is affected in both eyes by glaucoma and macular degeneration. That however does not stop him from leading a very independent and active life. In fact he only gave up ballroom dancing four months ago due to the recent death of his partner. George was a former National Ballroom Dance runner-up and would love to carry on dancing but says he “cannot find a partner willing to dance with a 103 year old!”

He was referred to our charity but unfortunately before he could attend an introduction week was admitted to hospital. On discharge his case worker visited him at his home but realised that no care plan was in place for George who was still very weak and distressed. Our staff swung into action and he was able to receive immediate respite care at our Brighton centre.

David, our Community Team Leader, said:

"This demonstrates such a fantastic response to the needs of a beneficiary asking for support. Knowing that a 103 year old is being listened to and supported in such a proactive way is great"

Once George was well enough he took part in every activity offered to him at the centre and absorbed every challenge with an enthusiasm and vigour belying his years.

“George was my trainee on Intro week and working with him and his son, David, was just inspirational. George told me that it had made his day when he had stepped aside in the corridor to let someone pass and they said 'Thank you son!'"

George’s son David wrote to us afterwards:

"Dad had a great time and it was such an exceptional experience - thanks for the memories and for all the hard work you all do."

George hopes to be able to take up dancing again – and we will be there to help him “trip the light fantastic” when he is ready!