To celebrate World Photo Day we are sharing blind veteran Chris’ favourite photograph from his Peak Photography Project.

19 August 2016 10:23

Blind veteran Chris Nowell's photograph of peak sunset

The photo is taken from Chris’ ‘Peak Photography Project’ which he created as a way to describe photography through the eyes of a vision-impaired person.

Chris began receiving support from our charity after he was blinded by a Taliban rocket whilst on tour in Afghanistan. He attended our independent living training and took part in numerous courses such as IT, although it was the photography course which really interested him.

Since then Chris has taken hundreds of photos and now runs his own photography business which focuses on the idyllic Peak District. Recently, Chris attended a Business Enterprise course at our Brighton centre to expand his business.

Chris says: “The course was great, it went really and I really enjoyed it. We had to create business plans, look at competitors and website design.

“It has really inspired me and pushed me into expanding my business. I now hope to create an online shop where people can purchase my prints.”

Peak photography Chris Nowell

Chris has also hosted a Photography Week at our centre to help other blind veterans get into photography. He spent a week helping veterans increase their understanding of how to use the camera.

Chris adds: “Every one of the veterans has a different type of sight loss and their needs were very different, so it was a nice challenge to be able to work with them closely and help get the most out of their experience. Some wanted to know a lot more than others, and some came with a small amount of knowledge and wanted to make the most of the week.”

Take a look at Chris' Peak Photography Project