Top tips for your 75th anniversary fundraising challenge

2 October 2013 14:00

We're putting together some tips to help you organise something fun in aid of our blind veterans.

We are getting very excited about the 75th anniversary of our Brighton centre.  We would love for you to get actively involved in helping us celebrate it.

So we're putting together some tips to help you organise something fun in aid of our blind veterans.

So, here goes:

1. It is the 75th anniversary, so try and relate the number 75 to your challenge.

2. Tell everyone about it.  Use Facebook, Twitter, your blog, even the local store's notice board - anything!  The more the merrier, and it's all for charity, so do spread the word!  Tell us about your challenge too and we'll be happy to acknowledge you on our social media.

3. We encourage creativity, but please do be sensible and careful.  Don't do anything that may put you or anyone else in harm's way.  This is not an episode of You've been framed.

4. You can organise your challenge whenever you wish, but in case you want it to coincide with the lighting up of our Brighton centre, we are doing that between the 24-26 October.

5. Tell us what you're doing.  Email us on

6. Take photos.  Loads of them.  They'll remind you of your participation and will bring along beautiful memories when you come across them again in a few years' time.

We've been thinking hard for fun events to organise, and here are our two top ideas:

Idea 1: Set a 75-question quiz and agree a 75 minute time limit to complete.  Maybe serve 75 different types of biscuits at the event?  (If you're an aspiring baker, maybe even bake the biscuits yourself!)  Encourage donations to take part, and give a bonus point to every team that has a participant aged 75 and over.

Idea 2: Who remembers 1975?  In case it jogs your memory, it was the year Charles Chaplin got knighted, and the year Bill Gates used the word Microsoft for the first time.  Holland won the Eurovision with a song with the harmlessly annoying title 'Ding-a-dong'.  In that fateful year, Phil Collins became Genesis' lead singer after having been their drummer, and Francis Ford Coppola scooped the Best Picture at the Academy Awards with The Godfather Part II.

If you were around in 1975, what were you up to?  Could you organise a 1975-themed party?  Maybe ask your friends to bring along photos from that year?

(We predict that featured prominently in the photos will be bell-bottom trousers, chunky, unruly hair and long, unrepentant sideburns.  Bless the '70s.  You have been warned.)


And if you weren't around, who cares?  Pretend like you were and dress up like you imagine people in 1975 dressed.  We gave you a few tips already.  Maybe you and your party (how about limiting attendance to 75 people?) should go to the shops dressed like it's 1975 and pretend like nothing is amiss and everything is completely normal.

Everyone loves a good flash mob.  You can ask for a donation to take part in the flash mob, with the collections going to Blind Veterans UK.

Now isn't that a great day for everyone.