Two of our blind veterans, Peter and Nancy, who are both 97-years-old, have found love again and celebrated a Love Blessing of their commitment and love for one another at Blind Veterans UK’s chapel in Brighton on Wednesday 10 April.

Peter and Nancy met at our Brighton centre in May last year when Peter was a resident and Nancy was visiting on holiday.

Peter recalls, “This lady came and sat next to me in the lounge after dinner. She definitely had a spark about her and we hit it off immediately.”

However, Nancy recollects that it wasn’t quite as instant: “I went over to speak to him as I am always fascinated in people who have interesting lives and he was a little grumpy with me at first. We got chatting though and it was just like an electric shock!”

After meeting in May and keeping in regular contact over the phone, Nancy got the news she had been waiting for and discovered that she too would be moving to live at the Blind Veterans UK centre in October last year. Peter proposed just over six months later in November.

She says: “It was the best news I could have received and we now live just four doors down from each other so I can go and visit him whenever I wish.

“Peter proposed to me in November. We both agreed that a blessing was more appropriate than a formal wedding and we’re both so happy to be celebrating with our friends and family.”

"It is a dream come true to know that I could be treasured and feel loved by someone as wonderful as Peter after many years alone"
Blind veteran Nancy

The pair, both served in the Second World War with Peter serving in both the Royal Air Force and the Army and Nancy was in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS).

They both lost their sight much later in life, Nancy through glaucoma and after suffering two strokes and Peter through glaucoma and macular degeneration. Nancy started receiving support from Blind Veterans UK in 2011 and Peter in 2016.

For Peter, it was humbling to discover he could love again and also that someone could love him. He says: “Until I met Nancy, I hadn’t realised how lonely I’d really been since my wife died. We just want to live and be happy together for a very long time.”

Nancy says: “It is a dream come true to know that I could be treasured and feel loved by someone as wonderful as Peter after many years alone. It really has been a miracle and we love each other to bits.”

The charity’s Chaplain, Clare Callanan, officiated at the Blessing service which includes prayers, readings and promises. Clare says: “I am delighted to have been asked to be a part of this Blessing to celebrate the love of these two wonderful people finding happiness together in their later years.

Peter and Nancy have found a mutual love, respect and understanding with each other and that is something that should be celebrated. This example of commitment is a blessing to all of us as part of the Blind Veterans UK family.”

Peter and Nancy held hands throughout the service which was conducted in front of friends and family, After the Service, Peter and Nancy were showered with confetti and those who attended gathered for a reception for a chance to congratulate the very happy couple and share in their joy.

Peter and Nancy with blessing card
Peter and Nancy with blessing card from the Brighton Centre

Watch the ceremony below:

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