Valued Volunteer Robin

4 December 2017 15:00

Robin is one of our incredible volunteers who regularly accompanies blind veterans on outings.

An added value of Robin’s is that he always feeds back to us on the places visited. Robin takes notice of the facilities available and how easy, or otherwise, it was to accompany a person with sight loss around the venue. This is very useful information for us to pass on to other volunteers seeking suitable places to visit.

Some of his recent trips include a visit with blind veteran Reg to see some paintings in the Mining Art Gallery at Spennymoor Town Hall. With his professional background in the business of coal-mining, the visit was of particular interest to Reg. Volunteer staff kindly guided them through the collection of paintings, many of subjects familiar to Reg with his experience working underground and as a pit electrician. He was also interested in seeing something of Spennymoor because in his youth he lived nearby and worked in the town.

To round off the trip, they enjoyed a cuppa and light snack at a local café overlooking the site of a long-demolished dance hall he used to visit frequently - and where he met Moira, his wife.

Speaking of being a volunteer, Robin says:
"I’ve been volunteering for some time now, it’s always enjoyable but accompanying the blind veterans on trips out has especially made a big impression on me. The support Blind Veterans UK provides is truly wonderful and I proud to be a part of it."
This month Robin has taken another of his regular blind veterans, Michael,
to the new Mining Art Gallery in Auckland Castle, Bishop Auckland. Michael had seen a feature about it on television recently and jumped at the suggestion of visiting. The gallery is home to a collection of more than 400 works by some famous local artists, many of whom were miners themselves - notably Norman Cornish and Tom McGuinness. Michael was apparently in his element, relating stories from his own mining background. This was a visit Robin thoroughly recommends.

Robin tells us the decision on where to go is usually only taken a day or so in advance and is very dependent on the weather.
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