Volunteer Day at the Blind Veterans UK Llandudno Centre

18 December 2012 10:08

At Blind veterans UK, we are constantly grateful for the hard work of the dedicated team of volunteers that contribute to the day-to-day operations of our centres and offices across the country.

Whether committed to fundraising in the recent arctic conditions; using their expertise to provide specialist skills; or simply providing a valuable opportunity for our members to socialise, our volunteers provide an essential level of support to all of our services.

Photo of volunteer working with a blind veteran on drawing activities

In order to help our volunteers develop their skills and provide feedback on their front-line duties, we recently hosted a reception at our Llandudno centre - providing a chance to show appreciation for the work of 35 of our volunteers in the North Wales area.

Photo of volunteer and blind veteran playing jenga during Volunteer Day at Llandudno centre

The key aim of the day, based on feedback from our volunteers themselves, was to help our volunteer team appreciate some of the challenges faced by Blind Veterans UK members living independently. To achieve this, our volunteers were set a number of blindfolded challenges, allowing them the chance to test their communication, navigation and dexterity without sight. As to be expected, the team tackled the tasks with enthusiasm, describing and identifying household objects along with a taking part in a highly-competitive game of giant Jenga.

Photo of blind veteran facing a bushtucker trial by putting her hand into a covered box, which involves identifying a range of foods by touch, taste and smell

For the last of the day's challenges, the team faced a 'bushtucker trial' - identifying a range of foods by touch, taste and smell. For those whose appetites survived this ordeal unscathed, a festive buffet reception finished-off the day.

To find out how you can get involved with volunteering at Blind Veterans UK, visit the website or email