Wigan man conquers the 100 mile Prudential Ride London to Surrey cycle in aid of our charity, raising £1,300.

23 August 2016 09:10

Nik Puttnam, 51, has not missed a year cycling the Prudential RideLondon – Surrey 100 since it started in 2013 though this will be the first time was the first time he did it for our charity.

100 mile Prudential Ride London to Surrey cycle

Nik says: “I cannot imagine having to do some of my day to day tasks without sight. It makes me appreciate what I have but also that blind veterans need any support we can give them.”

Nik started early on the Sunday and got to the start at the Olympic park around 6 am. He says: “There was great atmosphere at the start and I was really looking forward to the ride, the weather promised to be good and as I had done the ride before I knew what to expect.

Nik cycled with a few friends who were also doing the challenge and they were on track to potentially beat Nik’s previous best until they got to Pyrford where there had been a crash.

Nik says: “No two RideLondon challenges have been the same so far and this year wasn’t any different. When we got to Pyrford we had to wait around for an hour and a half.

“We were told by the marshals that they were waiting for an air ambulance to arrive. I was concerned for them and hoped they would make a full recovery.

“Amongst the riders waiting there was good spirit and we were relieved to start going again, though the length of time standing around disrupted my rhythm so it took a while to get going.”

The waiting time and the following congestion at Leith Hill meant that Nik wouldn’t be able to beat his previous time though he enjoyed the race like he’s done every year so far.

He says: “I am always amazed by the number of spectators that come out to watch the race, notably as you pass through the towns and villages.

“What also stood out was some individuals riding an unconventional bike; one guy rode a tricycle and another a Brompton cycle. That must be hard!”

Nik finished in London, riding down the Mall where his wife Jane and his little boy Sebastian were cheering him on and greeted him at the finish line.

“It made it extra special that they were there waiting for me, it was so great to see them. It was also good this year knowing that whilst doing something that I enjoy, I had raised money for such a great charity.”

If you feel inspired by Nik and would like to sign up for RideLondon – Surrey 100 2017, please visit blindveterans.org.uk/ridelondon for more information.

To support Nik for conquering a 100 mile cycle for Blind Veterans UK, please visit justgiving.com/Nik-Puttnam.