Woodwork Week in Llandudno

19 February 2018 10:00

Some of our blind veterans recently attended a woodworking week at our Llandudno centre. Find out what they got up to.

Blind veterans getting involved in Woodwork Week at Llandudno

This was an introductory week to get them started on working with wood, safely using tools and equipment as well as generally gaining an understanding of what is involved.

Blind veteran working during Woodwork Week at Llandudno centre 2018

A follow up week has also been planned for March, where everyone in the group will get the chance to make a small piece of furniture – either a milking stool or a pouffe – using the skills they gained during the first week.

One of the woodworkers, Steve, 48 and ex-RN, joined the charity in October 2014 following his sight loss, says, “It was a great week working with a good bunch of lads.  We were all of a similar standard, new to wood working, and the week gave us training in how to handle wood and using the various bits of kit and basic tools safely”.

Close up of blind veterans working on projects during Woodwork Week in Llandudno centre 2018

Steve is looking forward to the second part of the course in March, “We will each be making a small piece of furniture, something like a milking stool or pouffe”.

He is thinking ahead too with “an idea that I might be able to turn this into a small business project, covering the pouffes with quality tweed.  Something for the future perhaps”.

Two blind veterans woodworking on their projects during Woodwork Week at Llandudno center 2018

Introducing our members to new activities and increasing their skills is an important part of what we do.  We are very grateful too to those people donating tools and kit that our members can learn on and use.  Being able to produce a piece of furniture, having achieved something they thought they would never be able to do with sight loss, is a massive boost to their morale.

Photo of wood chippings and a hand axe at Woodwork Week in Llandudno February 2018