Your support helps us to tackle isolation

Our Rehabilitation Officer for the Visually-Impaired (ROVI) Imke Carruthers, explains how your support helps ensure blind veterans are never lonely.

“As a ROVI it’s my job to visit blind veterans in their homes and assess their vision and needs to make sure they get the most out of life.

"Isolation can be a big problem. If people don’t feel confident going out or communicating they can quickly become cut off and mental health issues could follow.

"One of the veterans I work with, Arthur, was in quite a bad way after he lost his wife and then his guide dog was retired. He hadn’t been out in his garden for a year because he was worried about falling, so we put up handrails and refreshed his skills with a white cane, which gave him the confidence to venture outside. And with his new confidence he gets out of the house much more and he’s much less anxious now.

"Arthur told me he doesn’t know what would have happened to him if I hadn’t come into his life and that’s so lovely to hear – and that’s all thanks to kind supporters like you who make my work possible.

"I recently helped another blind veteran by getting him magnifying equipment. The first thing he looked at was family photos and he wept tears of joy to see some of the faces he hadn’t seen for 10 years. Thank you for making wonderful moments like that happen.”

Imke (pictured) explains how your support helps blind veterans.
Arthur (pictured) is one of many blind veterans Imke supports.

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