Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have a lot to celebrate!

  • 4,157 blind veterans have benefited from stays at the centre, with many making multiple visits to receive rehabilitation, training and respite.
  • Our veterans now have a whole range of themed weeks to choose from, like gardening and history, to re-engage with hobbies and interests.
  • The range of equipment and facilities on site has grown, providing an improved level of care and rehabilitation.
  • The outbuildings have been converted to independent living spaces, where our blind veterans can learn and apply vital skills in a safe setting.
  • The grounds have been developed to provide outdoor activity and training spaces, to improve wellbeing and mobility.

Due to the pandemic, there is a greater need than ever to support our veterans and maintain their emotional and physical wellbeing.

With the growing amount of research demonstrating the positive impact of outdoor activities and interaction on mental health, we are also looking to develop an outdoor wellbeing space that can be used year round. This includes a sensory garden, in addition to essential facility upgrades and training.

  • £110 could cover the cost of one night for respite.
  • £175 could cover the cost of one night on our Poppy Care Wing.
  • £1,100 could cover the average cost of a Training Week.
Sheffield photography week

There are so many ways you can get involved to help us continue providing this vital care.

Fundraise for us. Hold a Dress Up, run a sweepstake or nominate a team member to take on a challenge and represent your business. Choose one of our fun events or create your own.

Spread the word. Celebrate by displaying our birthday poster, or send us a birthday message in our Facebook group. We'll give you a shout-out too!

Make a pledge. Give materials, equipment or skills to help one of our projects come to life. You can also volunteer your team's time to help raise vital funds.

Our centre at Llandudno formally opened at 10am on Monday 19 September. Built in the 1890s, the building was originally a convalescent home. We adapted it to make it a place for blind veterans to receive vital rehabilitation or enjoy a holiday. Find out more in these short videos.


One of our blind veterans, Billy Baxter, who works at the centre, played an particularly important role in its grand opening. With fellow Members, Chris and Charlie, he walked 327 miles from our Brighton Centre to Llandudno to deliver the key. Billy started to receive support from our charity in 2000 and went on to become a Rehabilitation & Training Support Worker. He now enjoys two roles - working as Member Engagement Officer and serving as Blind Veterans UK Vice President.


We accommodate veterans with all kinds of needs so that they can all get involved with activities and training. Many veterans feel like their life is over when they lose their sight so it is really important to demonstrate that they are still capable of enjoying hobbies and engaging with others.


Not only does the centre mean a lot to our veterans, it means everything to our staff and volunteers too. Described as 'fitting together like a jigsaw', our team in Llandudno are like a family and driven by the same mission, creating a rewarding experience.

Give more blind veterans the chance to live a fulfilling life.
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