Thanks to a magnifying keyboard that we supplied, 93-year-old blind veteran Richard Jones is spending time during lockdown writing his autobiography.

Richard initially planned to just write about his service history but with all the spare time he now has while self-isolating, he has decided to continue writing about his life - spanning from when he was five years old, up until the present day.

“I bought a laptop a couple of years ago with the intention of writing about my time in the Army which I served in from 1944 until Christmas 1947. I can no longer use the laptop due to my sight loss but Blind Veterans UK gave me a magnified keyboard which helped me to continue writing up my story. I am normally a very busy person so the beginning of lockdown was a struggle but this autobiography has now given me something to do to pass the time.”

It is no doubt that Richard has a lot to write about. He served in the General Service Corps in August 1944, and trained in Edinburgh for six weeks before joining the Royal Army Service Corps in October of the same year. He worked as a Staff Car Driver from February 1945 until October 1946 then moved to Royal Army Service Corps, Buller Barracks, Number 1 Training Barracks, as permanent staff, which involved lorry driving, until he was demobbed in December 1947.

When Richard left the Army he had various jobs before retiring in 1991 at the age of 65. The first job involved slate working before moving to the Royal Observical as temporary staff. He then left to train to become a Jointer. Richard then worked as an Insurance Agent before getting a job at Ferodo as a Clerk.

Unfortunately, Richard was made redundant from Ferodo but went on to start a 12 month contract as Coordinator for footpath maintenance at Gwynedd County Council. He went on to work in this role for four years, supervising six supervisors who looked after 100 others. He then became a Footpath Maintenance Officer at the council for four years before retiring.

Richard Jones' army photo
Richard's army photo

Richard lost his sight due to glaucoma but fortunately found Blind Veterans UK after passing by the Llandudno Centre in February last year.

Richard says: “The charity have been great! Before lockdown, I went to computer courses at the Llandudno centre and took part in bowling and archery. I like to get out and about to do different things. It’s been difficult to not be able to be so active during lockdown but it has given me the opportunity to write!”

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