Here are some of our favourites fundraising ideas

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Whether it’s the Grand National, World Cup, Wimbledon or Strictly Come Dancing, there’s hundreds of events and activities you can create a sweepstake on. This is a great way to get the office involved and create a buzz around your fundraising.

Illustration of a horse shoe and horse

Wear it red, white or blue!

Slip on your wackiest pair of socks and liven up your office with a splash of colour, or challenge your School to take on the wear it red, white or blue and see which colour wins! Dress up as your childhood hero, wear your pyjamas all day long or travel back to the Eighties. The possibilities are endless.


Bake sale

Everyone loves cake. Fact. Get your friends, family and colleagues involved to increase the treats and plan to hit several locations with your delicacies. There’s prep to be done, so remember your tins, tablecloth, price tags and a load of change. Make sure you advertise in advance so people come prepared with cash and a big appetite.

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Challenge event

Get on your bike, run a 10K, abseil down a cliff, swim 10 lengths, walk a mile at midnight. Whatever the event, you’ll achieve something amazing and have a great story to tell. Our fundraising team are here to help you make the most of your event with packs, t-shirts, posters and the loudest cheers going. 

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Carol singing

There’s nothing like singing to a complete stranger. Get a group together, sing a few songs and use the opportunity to talk about why you’re raising money for Blind Veterans UK. Even if you’re a long way off winning the X Factor, they won’t be able to resist supporting you.

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Themed fundraising night

Choose a topic you love and turn it into a money spinner. Cook a curry or lay on breakfast and suggest a donation for a slap up meal. Put on a double bill of your favourite films, break out the popcorn and soda and have a Friday night film night. Organise a music, comedy or quiz night and ask for a donation to join in.

If you’re organising a night at a venue (quiz, music, comedy etc), make sure you’ve got it planned:

  • Make sure you find a well located and friendly venue where the locals won’t mind joining in.
  • Give yourself lots of time to plan and promote the night so you get a full house.
  • Make sure you’re well prepped. Check the PA system, make sure you’ve got answers to all your quiz questions, confirm bands and comics know when and where to turn up and talk to the venue owners if there’s any health and safety considerations.  
  • Think of extra ways to fundraise on the night. Could you combine a sweepstake, raffle or play games in between rounds or acts?
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Raffles can raise lots of money and publicity at the same time. Make sure you have some good prizes so there’s lots of reasons to buy a ticket. Ask local businesses or useful contacts to donate prizes like a free meal out, gym session, cinema trip or round of golf. You’ll soon have people queueing up to get your tickets.

Remember, raffles are covered by legislation, so make sure you know your responsibilities. To avoid having to get a licence, only sell tickets on the same event you draw the prizes. If you want to sell tickets in advance, make sure it’s a 'Free prize draw' and that you’re asking for a suggested donation for tickets, rather than directly selling them.

Planning is always the key to a great event, so make sure you’ve got everything in place, including tickets, record keeping, data collection as well as top prizes. To make sure you’ve got everything sorted, contact our fundraising team at or visit for more information.

Remember, if you need any help or more ideas please get in touch. 

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Give something up you love

(alcohol / sweets/ chocolate / biscuits / cigarettes / car / talking / telly)

Let’s face it, most things that are fun are bad for us. So do yourself a favour while raising vital funds for Blind Veterans UK. Give something up - drinking, telly, chocolate or the car - is a great story to tell and you’ll feel a lot better by the end of it. You could even combine it with a sweepstake on how long you can go without what you love. Get friends and family involved so you can go through it together and raise even more money.

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Shave your head

A classic fundraising event, having your head shaved is a big commitment but a simple way to get people involved. Dare your friends to join you and keep your followers inspired with a daily countdown to the big event. And remember to film the big clip and post it all your social media channels.

illustration of an electric shaver