Brew Up FAQ's

All your questions answered:

  • What is Brew Up for Veterans?

    Brew Up for Veterans is your chance to hold a gathering at work, home, school or in your community. In exchange for a donation your guests get tea, cake/coffee & breakfast and the pleasure of your company!

  • When and where is Brew Up for Veterans?

    Absolutely any time and any place you choose! Our welcome pack provides everything you need to host your Brew Up in a venue of your choice, on a date of your choice.

  • How much does it cost to register for Brew Up for Veterans?

    Absolutely nothing. All we ask is that you raise as much as you can for Blind Veterans UK.

  • Will I receive a fundraising pack?

    Yes! We'll keep you bang up to date with the latest ideas, tips and tricks to raise sponsorship as well as free downloadable fundraising materials to help you reach your target from us.

    You will also receive a Brew Up pack with some freebies to help you plan your event.

    P.S Make sure to tick ‘YES’ on the 'hear from us' section when signing up for the event. Otherwise we will not be able to shower you with all of this information and support

  • Can I raise money offline?

    Of course. If you have collected any cash or cheque donations, check out the following two questions below to find out how to pay in the money and claim Gift Aid.

    More information on how to pay your fundraising money in.

  • How do I pay in money online and offline?

    Online donations

    As part of registration for March for Veterans you will set up an online fundraising page.

    The easiest way to collect sponsorship is to direct your friends and family to your fundraising page, where they can donate via credit/debit card. The funds will automatically go to Blind Veterans UK and will be added to your fundraising total on your page.

    Offline donations

    Please pay in any offline donations using the below methods.

    * Online: use our pay in form

    * Cheque: made payable to Blind Veteran UK and a short covering note

    * Card or Bank Transfer: call the events team for account details on 0207 616 7959

    It's really important that you include your name and event in your payment reference, that way we can make sure it's tracked back to your sponsorship.

    Please ensure you are sending your sponsorship forms so we are able to claim Gift Aid on your donations.


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  • What is Gift Aid and how do I claim it on money I’ve raised?

    Gift Aid is a tax relief scheme that allows charities to claim 25% of the tax already paid on all eligible donations made by a UK taxpayer. This means supporters can increase their donation to Blind Veterans UK by an extra 25% at no extra cost to them. For example, if someone donates £10, with Gift Aid Blind Veterans UK receives £12.50.

    Donations on your online fundraising page like JustGiving, or any other similar site, will automatically claim Gift Aid on eligible donations. If you raise money offline then complete our sponsorship form to ensure you can claim Gift Aid on the donations and follow the instructions in the question above about how to pay in offline donations.

  • Who is Blind Veterans UK?

    Going blind isn’t just a loss of sight, it’s a loss of belonging.

    But the power of feeling like you belong to something provides the confidence to be able to recover. To adjust to life and regain your independence.

    We believe every blind veteran should be able to lead the life they choose. That’s why our transformational team is here to help veterans from every generation overcome sight loss, including those who did national service.

    We’ve provided specialist support since 1915, from rehabilitation and training to practical advice and emotional support. To help blind veterans rediscover their self-belief and determination as one strong community. Together we can help blind veterans rebuild their lives after sight loss. Away from isolation. Towards a life of purpose.

  • How will the money raised benefit blind veterans?

    Blind Veterans UK provides high quality support to blind veterans, as and where they need it, in order to help them achieve independence and fulfilment and to rebuild their lives.

  • Can I donate the money raised towards a certain project?

    We aim to reach blind veterans all over the UK who need our help to rebuild their lives after sight loss, so you’re March for Veterans donations are ‘unrestricted’. This means that you are not limiting what project or region your fundraising and donations are spent on. It also helps us to be more efficient with our work for blind veterans – by reducing our administration costs, your donations reach more blind veterans.

  • How do I contact Blind Veterans UK?

    More questions? Contact Blind Veterans UK supporter care team who will be happy to help.


  • How will Blind Veterans UK use my data?

    To find out how we look after your data, see our privacy policy.