Utilise our handy tips and tricks below, with all the information you need for a successful fundraiser!

Getting the most out of social media

  1. Tag or mention Blind Veterans UK in your posts on the key social channels.

  2. Be sure to write out Blind Veterans UK rather than using an abbreviation, like BlindVets or BVUK, so people know who you’re fundraising for.

  3. Include a hashtag about the event to help people find you, for example #MarchForVeterans.

  4. Remember to tell a story - always include a photo, video or GIF to help bring your event to life.


Read (and hear) all about it!

Whether you are organising an event or completing a challenge - your local media can be a great tool to help boost your fundraising!


  1. Media are often interested in positive news stories about members of the community giving something back to charity.

  2. Publicity, used in advance of your event or challenge, helps drive local support.

  3. Publicity can also be used to after the event to let people know how you got on and thank the people who supported you.

How we can help

We’ve got a dedicated press team who can help you craft your story and get it published. Our team would be happy to have a chat with you over the phone to find out:
  • personal information (name, age, where you live)

  • about the event or challenge you are doing

  • why you are fundraising for Blind Veterans UK

  • the link to your fundraising page

For the best chance of publication the team will also need a picture of you to go with the story. Before anything is sent to your local media, the team will always check with you that you are happy with the story and that all the details are correct.

Please be aware that while the Press Team will do everything they can, they cannot guarantee your story will be published.

Email our Press Team